Monday, 8 December 2008

December Kit Layout

Hi There...

Another weekend over and back to the routine of the week.

I thought I should post the layout idea I was working with for the December Kit..It's not a great picture of the layout but you can see gist of it... and because no pictures you can ever publish really do the embellishments any justice I thought I'd show you the sprinkles glitter thickers and how wonderful they really
Just a Few dates to remember... they will be posted on the site also...
Sale starts December 17th
Last orders for delivery before Christmas is December 20th.
Phone lines will not be manned on Dec 25th, 26th and 1st Jan only.


sharon b said...

love what youv'e done with kits!...looks great!
hows yer building coming on?

Linda said...

Thank you... sometimes its so hard to get inspiration so feedback is always welcome :-)

The building is a little slow sadly and some not so good news has meant that opening is not going to be until March time but will plod on and at least get everything in there for viewings if people want to pop in!!