Saturday, 13 June 2009

It's over!!!

What a day... it's been great, loads of people popping in and so many messages wishing well... I cannot thank people enough for the support they have shown me on my first day. It has been a great day and one that has eased my concerns over starting my new journey.
Had fun with the kids, letting them lose with glitter and stamps when I had a quiet moment, they were good and it's lovely to see their imagination working, hopefully 2 more potential scrappers/crafters!
I can't wait to get back in the shop tomorrow... I can see myself being in there everyday instead of the planned 4!

Have got some goodies coming into the shop over the next couple of weeks so I will have to move things around and I have already commissioned a new slatwall stand (thank you Bob!) so that I can put more of my papers on display so watch this space!

Bob took these pic's this morning... just before opening :-)


Max said...

Well Done Linda ... your shop looks absolutely fabby and I only wish I loved nearer so's I could come for a proper rummage.
Glad your 1st day went so well ... it must be a huge relief.
Onwards and upwards :)


Anonymous said...

Your shop is gorgeous and I am so glad you are close enough for me to visit! Wish I could have bought much more yesterday...will have to find a babysitter for hubby and kids next time!
Lou XX

Linda said...

Thank you ... it really is brilliant, so much support out there, crafting is an amazing community to be part of and I am so flattered to have had so many positive and kind responses


Missus Wookie said...

Looks great, we'll have to make a journey over this summer!